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Carpet Cleaning expert Victor Dominguez

Victor Dominguez

Hello! My name is Victor Dominguez. I am the owner of SurfClean - a certified, professional carpet & upholstery cleaning business serving homeowners and businesses.

I take great pride in my business. I want to help you keep your carpet and upholstery looking and performing like new. I guarantee that your cleaning needs will be met both professionally and correctly by SurfClean.

We are formally trained and certified for all the services we provide. I have structured my business so that we can take all the time that is necessary to carefully work in your home. We stay involved in the industry and up-to-date on all the latest cleaning advances and techniques. We use the best and safest cleaning solutions available and follow internationally recommended standards and procedures for cleaning.

What SurfClean great customers have to say…

“From the first phone call I felt like I was dealing with honest people, and that means a lot to me. I like the fact that you made it such a painless process and you delivered exactly what you advertise. I was very happy with my experience and look forward to having you back. Thank You.”
-Laura Chappel

“You did a great job and I would feel comfortable recommending your service to friends. I liked how up front you were about the cost and what could be done about certain stains. The company I'd used in the past didn't interact with their clients at all, and their $69.95 specials ended up costing way more when they got done with all their extra little charges.”
-Margaret Davey

“I took advantage of your free cleaning offer because I was leery of carpet cleaners after watching the shows on Dateline and 20/20. But I was very impressed with your honesty and the work you did.”
-Teresa Knapp

“You did a much better cleaning than anyone else I've hired before. The white dingy carpet in my bedroom came out looking like new, and the stairs came clean for the first time. Now I am proud of my carpets again. I appreciate your promptness and the professional manner in which you do your work.”
-Evelyn Tracy

“Considering the 24 hour traffic that our carpet gets, your cleaning made the carpet look great.”
-Mrs. Stanton, Shohomish County Sheriff's Office

“You are a great customer oriented company and not just out to make a buck. Both of the technicians were very patient with my overly excited children. That's much appreciated.”
-Tammy Walker

“It's great to know I have a carpet cleaning service with an owner and staff that love what they do. I know I get the best value for my money from a company I can trust. You guys are great!”
-Jill Clark

“It was obvious that your company really cares about client satisfaction. You are very informative, but not pushy. You made sure that I was happy with the job, rather than just trying to make a sale.”
-Tracy Delrio

“You are passionate about what you do and you give homeowner information that will help them to take the best care of their carpet.”
-Roxanne Herbert

“You provide a good service and did an excellent job for us.”
-Welco Lumber Company

“You're the best. You've taught me how to maintain my carpet. I always know that you will do a great job for me. I love the way my carpet looks after you've cleaned it.”
-Kelle Dragich

“I feel that I was dealt with honestly, which is truly hard to find in a company. I was elated with the FREE cleaning offer. It really was free, with no gimmicks or catches. The best part of the experience was how clean the carpet looked and felt.”
-Deena Crim

“You were recommended by Bundy's Carpets. When it comes to my carpets, I don't shop around. I call Daren or Tony at Bundy's and get what I need because they have always stood behind their product and service. When they said to call you for cleaning, that was good enough for me. You arrived on time for our scheduled appointment, and when I happened to be busy with clients at the time, you just patiently waited for me. I really appreciate that. Thank you for the great job.”
-Diane Groves-Marysville Skate Inn

“Your team was very courteous and explained to me what I needed to do to take good care of my carpet. My carpet has heavy traffic daily and the cleaning you did made it look like new.”
-Arlington Spine Clinic

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Testimonials and References

I know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service, and I don't want you to just take my word about the quality of my service. I can tend to be biased. But you certainly can believe what my clients have to say. At SurfClean I have over 1500 more-than-satisfied clients that would never allow any other carpet cleaning company in their home.

On this page are just a few testimonials about my company, my technicians, and my service. All references are available upon request.