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Carpet Cleaning expert Victor Dominguez

Victor Dominguez

I know that you can't always believe what a company says about itself or its service, and I don't want you to just take my word about the quality of my service. I can tend to be biased. But you certainly can believe what my clients have to say. At SurfClean I have over 1500 more-than-satisfied clients that would never allow any other carpet cleaning company in their home.

On this page are just a few testimonials about my company, my technicians, and my service. All references are available upon request.

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Satisfied with Surfclean for ten years now.

Surfclean is very trustworthy, and that's always important when you have someone cleaning your carpets. They take the time to really work stains out. They also always ask me to inspect the carpet from room to room to make sure it was done to my satisfaction.

John P.

Fremont, CA


Nice followup!

I had a really good experience with Surfclean. I was pleased with their service during the main process, and then especially happy with the thorough followup they did with me.

Ross H.

Oakland, CA


I really like Surfclean and recommend them when I have the occasion!

Surfclean's people have cleaned rugs over the years, taking some out and doing some in the house. They've also done the kitchen floor, the tile floors in the bathrooms, and some upholstery. They are very nice and reliable. They always do a good job! It's a nice combination of them being pleasant to deal with, and their ability to clean well.

Laura T.

Berkeley, CA


Very professional.

I like the professionalism of the Surfclean workers and the way they went about their work. I felt that they knew what they were doing. They went about their work in a very efficient, clean-cut way with a professional attitude and they did it very well. We have had them clean several times and we are always very pleased.

Jared H.

Berkeley, CA


Thorough cleaning with a great follow-up

I have been using Surfclean to clean the carpets in my office for the past year and a half. I call them about every six months. I sublet my office to a massage therapist who sometimes spills oil on the carpet, and these oil stains will collect dirt quickly. What I like most about Surfclen is that they will come back a few days after a regular cleaning to do spot cleaning. They do this at no additional charge to me.

They also provide a great follow-up. After a cleaning, they will call back a couple of days later to check in with how our carpet is holding up. They ask if any of the oil stains have comeback. You can tell they're very much concerned with the quality of their work, the satisfaction of their customers, and their overall thoroughness.

Craig T.

Oakland, CA


Very pleased with their service

Surfclean cleaned my elderly mother's carpet and she was very thrilled. I was also very pleased with their service. She needs her carpet cleaned every six months and they actually try to send out the same technician every time so he knows the person, the house, and the square footage. That way, you don't have to go over that every single time. It also establishes a relationship with someone who's using them.

Linda L.

Alameda, CA


Excellent each time

I conduct carpeting management for Kuwada Realty, so I have used Surfclean for cleaning apartments and homes in the past. The reason I give all fives is that they have been excellent every time I've used them. They do a very good job of cleaning and shampooing carpets.

Jim F.

Albany, CA



SurfClean is a terrific company. They have cleaned my carpets and upholstery at least once per year for six to eight years, and I would not call anyone else to do the job. Alfredo, the technician, is fantastic and completely reliable. They are very sensitive to the needs of your home and proficient at removing stains, especially if you can tell them what spilled. I originally learned about the company through a friend, and have since referred many other friends to them. SurfClean is a top provider for all your home carpet and upholstery needs.

Frances V.

Berkeley, CA


They do a really good job and are very professional.

We've been using Surfclean to clean our rugs for at least 10 years. Recently, we had them out to clean our living room, dining room, family room, stairs, and upstairs hallway. We don't use them every year, but when we do have them out, they do a really good job. They make sure they calculate the square footage up front so they can give an accurate estimate, and the actual cleaning of the rugs is impressive.

Michael L.

Fremont, CA


Great customer service!

I was pretty happy with Surfclean. They were able to work with my schedule to get the job done. I wanted my carpets cleaned by a certain date, and they were able to do so. The technician showed up right on time for the appointment. He was honest and communicated very well. He told me the price upfront, and how long he expected to take, so that I could manage the rest of my day. He was also upfront about what he expected he was going to be able to do.The carpet was really dirty, and he was able to make it look almost brand new. My expectations were exceeded- by a lot. The work was very thorough and I am really, really happy.

Robert R.

Concord, CA


Extremely professional. They make me and my wife happy.

I've used Surfclean in my own home and have recommended them to clients. I'm a private contractor, so I've had them clean carpets for my clients as well. They've always performed excellently on site. I really think they're the best at their job and I think they do a great job.

Leigh S.

Lafayette, CA


Surfclean people are great and I really appreciate all their help.

Surfclean has been cleaning the rugs in my house for a number of years--seven, eight, maybe more. They clean four rooms and a carpeted stairway that comes into our apartment. They always do a great job. The rugs look great, the people are very nice, and it doesn't take very long. I have had very good luck with them.

I am also a landlord and have had them clean for two or three years in one of my units, which has two carpeted rooms. they've done a very nice job there too.

Jean D.

Oakland, CA


Job well done on our carpets and rug!

We used Surfclean to clean our wall-to-wall carpets and an area rug. He came up with a way to clean our area rug that would take it off of the hardwood floor. It came out great. They just did a great job with everything!

Yolanda P.

Oakland, CA


Accommodating and personal. I would recommend Victor to anyone.

I used to be a housekeeper and I would recommend Surfclean to all my customers. I am also starting now to have them come every other month to my own home because my mother and I are disabled. So between the two I've been using them for years.

Victor accommodates you and what time you want. I've cancelled and rescheduled so many times because of problems we've had since we're disabled and they've not said anything bad at all. They've just changed the appointment for us and we really appreciate that.

The flyer he puts out is really interesting. He keeps up with everybody. All different kinds of things like birthdays and reminders. It's very helpful, especially for people our age. I'm pretty lucid most of the time, but Parkinson's is a strange disease. You just kind of have to go with the flow. A lot of people think it's an easy disease, but it's not. And my mother has arthritis really bad, so that's the future.

Victor is great with all of it. He's just so accommodating. He would really take care of this one lady who didn't like being around when anyone came to lay a rug or replace a tub or carpet clean. She was a businesswoman, not a housewife, and she was single too. So she would take off and pay me to stay there while anybody came to do anything in the house. Victor doesn't remember this because it was six or seven years ago, but I came and sat on a kitchen stool and watched him work. He did such a thorough job. She was always happy when she came home.

I only have one suggestion. There's a carpet cleaner that they advertise on T.V. that has brushes and scrubs. I think he should get some of those because you can rub them back and forth. Maybe some carpets wouldn't or shouldn't be able to take it, but I think it would be good for others. We're on the ground floor of senior housing right by a garbage room, so we have pest problems and I think it would help. He could charge a little more for it, just don't go crazy!

Nancy D.

Alameda, CA


I was very happy with Surfclean! Professional employees.

Surfclean's people were very professional. They cleaned up very well, then inspected the carpet after the service was done to make sure it was really all clean. They also gave me a great followup with carpet care products and things like that, which I liked.

Kathleen A.

Danville, CA


Pretty good!

Surfclean generally does a good job. I think they're a little too speedy because I know how much they charge and it doesn't take them that long. I've had to start putting blue tape x's where there are heavy duty spots and things because they don't pick up on that necessarily.

I'm the manager of an apartment building and our carpets are really bad because I have crappy tenants who are pigs. Imagine you have just spent a small fortune cleaning the carpets and you come out of your apartment to go downstairs and some blank-ity blank blank has spilled garbage all the way down the stairs. So I would like him to clean the lobby carpet before he cleans the rest of the building and then clean it again after he's done.

We had one issue with a parking sheriff deputy really hassling Alfredo and giving him a hard time for parking on the sidewalk when he had been parking there for five years. We have really bad parking where the building is. But that's not my problem. Luckily, they've stopped bringing it up with me.

They generally do a good job. I've had them clean some area rugs and some orientals, and they did those nicely. I have cats and they did them even though Alfredo is allergic to cats.

I like Victor's news notes with handy tips for cleaning your carpets and why you should have them cleaned so often. That's nice to have. And they send birthday and Mother's Day cards, which is cute. Their customer service is a lot better than some places. Some companies get a little too big and then forget the customers that make the company. But Alfredo, Victor, and Roger really try hard and do a good job. The guy who I had before them didn't know what he was doing, and they do.

Nancy J.

Oakland, CA


Very good

I used Surfclean for the first time to get my carpets taken care of. They were very good. I have been trying to get them to come back for some spot cleaning without any scheduling luck, but that's not entirely their fault.

Phil B.

Concord, CA


Nobody can lure me away! I'm committed to Surfclean.

Surfclean has come in to work on my home office three times so far. Victor managed to get stains out. People have been extremely thrilled. He recently cleaned an area rug that had pet stains and the carpet looks quite good. It was a used rug to begin with so it wasn't perfect, but it looks as good as I bought it. I think that's a reasonable expectation.

I know Victor very well from a professional networking group. I know a bunch of people who have used his services. I've used his services. I like him and I know that he stands by his work. His business has got all kinds of certifications. He knows and understands all the fibers and textiles he works with. He makes sure that he meets the customer needs. He is easy to work with.

Sidney M.

El Sobrante, CA


Satisfied with the service.

We only have one small complaint with Surfclean. My wife mostly deals with them, but I certainly am around when the cleaning's going on. They clean the carpet and I know she's been trying to get them to look at the drapes too, but it never seems to happen. She wants to get a price on cleaning the drapes. I don't want to be too negative about it; it's just that that never seems to develop or come to fruition.

Otherwise, the service has been fine. We've reused them several times, so there are no issues there. The workers are all fine. They're courteous, knowledgeable, and polite. I'm satisfied with them and I'm sure you will be as well if you decide to go with Surfclean.

Clyde B.

Castro Valley, CA


They did a good job.

Surfclean did some carpet cleaning and some cushions for me. With the cushions there were still some areas that were stained. They didn't really end up looking that different. A friend had recommended them and they had done a good job for me before mostly protecting the paint on the walls in my house so it wouldn't get damaged.

They do a professional job. Victor's an easy guy to work with. He did say he would come back again to redo some of the areas that didn't end up looking as clean as I would have liked, which was nice.

Rebeca M.

Piedmont, CA


I refer Surfclean to customers

I work at a floor covering company and we refer Victor of Surfclean to many of our customers. He has been a great resource and friend to have and I have never gotten a customer complaint about Surfclean. They are easy to work with and do quality work.

Chris J.

Alameda, CA


I refer Surfclean to customers

I work at a floor covering company and we refer Victor of Surfclean to many of our customers. He has been a great resource and friend to have and I have never gotten a customer complaint about Surfclean. They are easy to work with and do quality work.

Chris J.

Alameda, CA


They are excellent.

Everything they do is wonderful. They go above and beyond what you would expect. I think their prices are right in line, and I think they do an excellent job.

Karen G.

Alameda, CA


Their service is very good.

We have been using Surfclean for a long time. They are very thorough and if there is a stain that is very difficult to clean, they will try all sorts of things to lift it. They sometimes give us products to lift the stains ourselves. We are very pleased with their service.

Gloria B.

Oakland, CA


Good work.

We don't have carpet any more, but we used them for over 10 years. They were just great.

Shirley B.

Oakland, CA


They are tops.

I've been using them for a couple of years now. They are tops in my book. They have given me excellent service, I really appreciate what they've done for me.

Pam C.

Oakland, CA


Pleasant and meticulous.

I have used Surfclean several times. They're really pleasant, meticulous, and they don't leave anything behind. They come and go quickly and are not disruptive at all. They make helpful suggestions, and their cost relative to effective ratio is great in my view. All these things are why I like them.

Laura T.

Berkeley, CA


They do a good job.

Surfclean have done work on my home and my mothers condo. They have always done exactly what I expected. They come on time and do a good job. I like what they do.

Joanne R.

Oakland, CA


High professional standards.

Surfclean is absolutely reliable. They go out of their way to get the job done. If the spot doesn't come out the first time, they'll do the best they can and keep coming back until it's gone. They are absolutely courteous, really great guys, and their professional standards are very high. I've been using them for a while, and I will keep doing so.

Ann M.

Sunol, CA


Outshines the others!

I own a rental, and people have lived in it for two years with a dog. They basically didn't clean the carpet for that time. Victor came in and looked at it. He brought them back and they looked like new! He had to do a follow-up cleaning, but he was more than willing to do that for me. Surfclean was reasonable, incredibly thorough, and professional. He took his time. Victor was a referral partner in my business network. I tried him out on my house and he did a fantastic job. This one is really good and it was exactly what I wanted. Surfclean outshines the others, I can tell. I have referred other people who feel good about them!

Anne S.

El Sobrante, CA


I've known them for years, they are great.

They are on time, polite, friendly, and they do a good job.

Linda W.

Richmond, CA


I was extremely happy with the results.

I hired them to clean out an apartment. They were able to book me within the time I needed it done. The person was on time and he did an excellent job. There was a section that he was thinking was too dirty and worn, but he was able to clean it all out.

Muriel O.

Berkeley, CA


Everything has worked out very well.

They've been providing us services, first for carpet cleaning, for about 17 years now. They have been coming to the house I'm in now for the last 15 years. They always do a great job, we use them a few times a year to keep things looking good. In the last two or three years, we also started having them do our window cleaning. That has worked out really well, too. We schedule that a few times a year. We have a really good relationship with Victor, and Alfredo, who comes most often. Roger always calls to confirm appointments and afterwards they always follow up to make sure we're satisfied.

Nina B.

Castro Valley, CA


Looks nice and clean.

My son found Surfclean when he was selling foreclosures for the bank and needed someone to clean the houses. I saw their work, it was good and I liked them so I've had them clean my home twice now. I am really satisfied with their work, they do a thorough job. I've had other people come to clean and just remove whatever soil they can get off the carpets in an hour instead of doing a thorough cleaning.The gentleman who came was professional and took his job seriously--like he was cleaning his own carpet. He did a dynamite job.

Betty H.

Castor Valley., CA


They're fabulous.

I've used them for 15 years or so, ever since they started. They are responsible, responsive, and thorough.

Marty J.

Oakland, CA


Call Victor!

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Certified By The Clean Trust IICRC Certified By The Clean Trust Certified By CFI

SurfClean believes in the highest degree of professionalism and expertise. We are certified by the IICRC (certification #66518) to assure you the highest quality carpet care. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or you would like to make an appointment.

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